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I'm Roger,

your friendly play professor.

I bring play into classrooms, offices, and homes across the globe.

For over 13 years, I've taught social emotional skills to both kids and adults using play.

I use games to design transformational experiences that spark curiosity, encourage risk-taking, strengthen bonds, and inspire innovation.

At some point in our lives we're told, 'quit playing around!'

Our education system prioritize hard skills '(science, math, writing, technology) ...

... but the largest predictors of success across academics, career and life are actually soft skills (communication, teamwork, creative thinking, adaptability)!

I use games to teach these essential skills.

In the office

Grow collaboration and innovation in order to build more inspired teams that drive the bottom line.

In the classroom

Champion inclusion, trust, and empathy to create effective and equitable learning environments.

In the home

Strengthen bonds between children and caregivers that open dialogue and spark joy.

why play?

Because Play Changes Our Brain!

Neuroscientists have found that play creates neural connections in our brain, influencing new behaviors! It’s one of our earliest teachers, helping us learn how to regulate our emotions, make plans, and solve problems. Play is mother nature’s methodology in teaching soft skills, because no matter what our age, we learn best in social situations where we are actively engaged, feel included, and are open to making mistakes. And my favorite thing about it… it’s FUN!

My Services


I offer my award winning play curriculum through workshops, leadership trainings, and keynote speaking to boost productivity, develop trust amongst teams, spark innovation, and deepen motivation.

“This work is, frankly, profound. Whether live or virtual, you’ll feel connected, work on morale and belonging – and most of all, have fun.”

– Mark Menke | Sr Manager, Linkedin


I have the honor of teaching students of all ages, from K-12 to the executive MBA level.

For higher education I offer curriculum consulting and guest lecturing.

I also offer a teachable version of my curriculum for elementary classrooms directly to educators and caregivers.


I’m co-founder of Immersiva, a technology company that uses play to turn TV into an interactive, social, and educational experience for families. In addition to licensing our tech, we create our own family programming based on SEL, conscious screen time, and empathy.

We are actively looking for storytellers to partner with.

Drop Me A Line

For any inquiries, reach out. I’d love to spend the time getting to know you.